How to access the web control panel

If your PBX requires that you use ssh tunneling, please follow these step by step:

1. If you're on windows, you can download putty
2. Enter your pbx IP and ssh port

How enter IP on puttyi

3. Now to setup the tunneling, find Connection -> SSH -> Tunnels

Setup SSH Tunneling

4. Enter 443 next to "Source Port" and localhost:443 next to "Destination"

5. Click Add

6. Repeat 4-5, but do 80 and localhost:80

7. Now close and reopen your web browser in your local PC and type below to access the web portal

https://localhost or http://localhost

NOTE: If still problems, via ssh as root, you can stop iptables and have it open to anyone so you can then access it directly without using ssh tunneling. Just do not forget to start iptables up again to protect your PBX. Command to type

service iptables stop

If still not open, the web server might be down so you can restart it by typing below via ssh

service httpd restart

If you forget your elastix web interface admin password, see below on how to reset it

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