I Cannot access my PBX Server, it is down

This is for when you cannot even ssh to your PBX IP or you keep getting disconnected. If you're using domain name, try use the PBX IP to ssh to.

If you can ssh but have audio/calling issues, please see here.
If you can ssh but your web pages is not loading or your asterisk down, check your available disk space, make sure you're not out of space. And try restart your httpd server. more info
If this is new account and you cannot access the web gui, see here

1. See https://www.rentpbx.com/support/networkissues.php - make sure no scheduled or known issues posted there.

2. If nothing posted above, 99% of the time is because you are banned by the firewall, so to fix that, please do following:
a. Shutdown all your sip phones, wait 20-30 min then try SSH to your pbx (port is 20022 or 22), and check via Asterisk CLI (more info). How to ssh here
or find a new location with internet access and where you do not have any sip phones setup to connect, like from your cell phone or something.
b. If you cannot wait or if still cannot access, try restart your PBX via client area (see here)
c. Try from new location that you never access your PBX from and try ssh from there. If still cannot SSH from new place, please contact our Support to help you stop iptables. If you can, you can check logs inside /var/log
d. Many OS like Elastix 2.5 has option in its web GUI where you can STOP iptables service, once you stopped iptables, you should be able to ssh to it. If cannot, please contact Support dept if you want us to stop iptables for you.
e. If you have enabled firewall from your web GUI, try if you can disable it first via the same web gui. By default, web GUI firewall will block all access, see above.

3. If you made changes to your iptables and now cannot access it, then first try if you can go to your web pbx GUI to stop iptables, if not, please reply and let us know so we can stop iptables for you so you can get in to undo/fix it.

4. By default, if you have newer OS like PiaF or Elastix 2.5+, it blocks icmp/ping packet. It is one of their security strategy.
a. If you have logged in to your pbx and configure it initially, here are the thing you may want to look for.
b. If you are behind dynamic ip, please setup travelinman3. https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=TravelinMan+3. You do not need to download the script. It is pre-installed in Incredible script. You just have to follow steps in the configuration.
c. If you lost access, you can re-open the access using knockd. The ports is randomly created during your first ssh login. http://nerdvittles.com/?p=9871. Please use knockd client instead of nmap to knock open your PBX. The ports can be found inside / etc / knockd.conf. Do contact Support dept and let us know if you do not know the ports to knock and you want us to tell you the ports in the knockd.conf file
d. If you loss access because you are configuring your phone and has credential issue, your fail2ban may kicked in block your ip. In this case shutdown your phone. Fail2ban block ip temporary only.

5. If you've done the above and you still have problems connecting/ssh to your pbx, and if you can ssh, please contact Support dept with mtr results from your place to the pbx, and vice versa. If you have windows, you can download www.winmtr.net. On your pbx, you can yum install mtr if mtr ip-address not working.

6. Lastly is to check loads/free memory in pbx, via ssh, type top and free. Make sure loads are not over 1.0 and free ram still plenty.
Via ssh, you can type free and uptime or top.
Under top, pay attention to the loads, should be below 1.0 and the %id value, should be above 90 (if below 90 or above 1.0, you may consider adding more CPUs)
Under free, make sure swap usage is at 0 (if not, you may consider adding more ram)

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