Incredible PBX with ubuntu 14.04 Important Note

Here are some of the importants note in regard to Incredible PBX with ubuntu 14.04

1.  Please login to your ssh console with ssh console provided in your login email.

2.  In your first ssh login,  your PBX will reboot once.

3.  Once your PBX comes back on line,  please login again to your ssh console to complete the setup.  

4.  During the second time you logged in to your ssh console, it is very important for you to record the information in the file /root/knock.FAQ.  It contains the ports needed to knock open your firewall in the case you need access from non whitelisted ip or you got locked out of your PBX.

5.  If you need knock client to access your PBX, you can download knock client here  You may need to run knock client a few time to open access to your PBX.  Please give it some time between knock.

6.  If you are interested to understand further about the Incredible PBX security model,  please refer to

7.  Once you are going though the initial login,  the rest of the process will be the same as generic Incredible PBX with ubuntu 14.4.  We do not keep or replicate the following information to make sure you are getting the latest and updated information from that link.  Please make sure that you read that article and skip the installation part.  We have taken care of that process for you.

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