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Frequently Asked Questions for Billing and Payment

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General Topic Covering All Type of Pbx System


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Collection of Tips And Trick to Secure Your PBX

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 I Cannot access my PBX Server, it is down

This is for when you cannot even ssh to your PBX IP or you keep getting disconnected. If you're...

 PIAF 2.0.6.X.X FAQ Everything you need to know

  The following information is valid if your choose PBX in a Flash 2.0.6.X.X (build your own...

 Call Quality Troubleshooting

In the case that you are experiencing bad call quality please consider the following suggestions....

 MULTI TENANT/Sharing PIAF Purple Edition with multiple Google Voice

If you need to share your PBX and create internal virtual PBX which use multiple GVoice as a...

 Turn PIAF 1.7 Purple into PIAF Incredible.

as of 9/1/2011 our PIAF Purple 1.7 with asterisk 1.8.XX is compatbile with the following scripts...